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Feminization assignment

Posts about sissy assignments written by teresa bowers. .

Posts about sissy assignments written by teresa bowers. . Good girls submit their reports after working diligently on their sissy training assignments. Brought to you by the house of sissify. Your house of feminization. . These sissy training assignments are here to develop your very own submissive sissy maid - unparalled at service, duty, sexual assistance and subservience. . Feminization assignments can be such fun. . Some of the more popular feminization assignments at the sissy finishing school are those involving makeup tips. You devour them like godiva chocolates, all in your. .

One comment feminization, sissyville feminization,. If you are a hardcore feminization junkie or just a serious sissy,. Pipers sissy assignment. . Humiliating sissy assignment. June 8,. Feminization training to turn you into the woman you were born to be. Sissy camp training sessions pricing and options. . Every sissy needs some pantyhose and a panty girdle. So here is another shopping assignment. Put on one of your bras, your regular panties, and one of your blouses. .

Feminization assignment

You will ring up about a few potential jobs find out about the hours and typical work if the ad isnt clear. You will not use gum, breath freshener, toothpaste or any other subversive means to undermining the humiliation of arriving at work with the smell of cum on your breath and the taste in your mouth all morning. If your male workplace dictates you wear a uniform of some description, you will have to be creative, or face a massive tally of forfeits. If you have to go out to work, you may (for now, at least) wear drab from when you leave your house until your return. Not gold or silver this time, but a string of fake pearls (unless you can afford the real thing).

And you have to buy them. Remember you have more to loose than your employer does they know who you really are. Face it the tattooist will see your sissy body and feminine underwear, so what does it matter? A tattoo is for life, so choose wisely (grin) not just the design, but the artist. But when you have spent your disgusting sissy mess you will carefully remove your condom, collecting as much cum as possible from your boyclit, then pour your cum into the ice cube tray and put it in the freezer. Of course, up close, any woman will notice, but thats what you want, isnt it, sissy? Besides, they will notice your nails and your bra and your perfume and the side zip on your slacks, so why be embarrassed about a little make up? First stop is a jewellers.

Are you enjoying your new job? Do you have a uniform? Is it pretty and feminine or plain and functional? Do your new colleagues accept you? Do they treat you like a man or a woman (although you are neither)? Have you thought more about having a sex-change for real, now youve had to pretend you want one? Would you like to be rid of that boyclit and those nasty sissyballs and have a pussy of your very own? Maybe youd like a pair of real breasts, too? Its time to stop beating about the bush. Welcome, one and all! We hear it repeatedly. You are such a good sissy for wearing such a humiliating outfit for your lingerie shopping. I bet you hate wearing drab to work. If they have them, buy danskin dancers fishnets. It goes without saying that if you work from home, you dont get any extra allowance. Slip off your male shoes to expose your red toenails behind the reinforced toe of your pantyhose, your anklet glinting at you. Slip your feet into the new shoes. There is a tray full of frozen cum in your freezer. But you will be rummaging through racks of stockings with painted nails.

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Page 2- sissy assignments dares. Youre going out again. Its going to be humiliating. From the head down, you will wear - - your hair in a masculine style - no. .