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Persuasive essay on animal testing

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Animal testing is a must. Most of your immunity shots have been tested on animals. If it had not, most of you would have died years ago. Animal testing has medically. . A trusted custom paper writing service. We are a professional essay writing agency, and we provide custom writing services to students all over the globe. . Appalling facts about animal testing that will certainly shock you. .

Persuasive essay on animal testing

According to insurance and other records, mortality from contagious diseases was a very much on the wane by the 1940s (prior to the introduction of mandatory vaccine programs). There are many questions regarding the ethics of using animals for testing. The people that were most able to properly convey their thoughts were supporters of animal testing. At least thirty-three animals die in laboratories each second worldwide in the uk, one every four seconds. This articles really helped me in making my persuasive essay on animal testing, thx! ) yes a lot of you are right.

Which is stupid now since animals cant talk and are dumped by people theirs also babies in orphanages who cant talk so how would people feel if we started testing people products on people see how they like that. Dont you think thats wrong? If someone might die from the pill, why make it? Think about it. Animal testing is wrong, but after seeing how one of the test found a cure for my grandfathers sickness my opinion on it has changed. I am glad you have done some research before throwing out your opinion. Did you know anesthichia (not sure how to spell it) was found from animal testing? Things like tylenol, toothpaste, shampoo, mints were all started from animal testing.

Thanks to animal testing, the warning labels on cigarettes were delayed for 20 years. All you have to do is to fill in an order form and take a rest while our writing experts compose your papers. Bedding has been identified as giving cancer rates of over 90 and almost nil in the same strain of mice at different locations. Also we have ganged an extreme amount of knoledge. People what you dont understand it that we hold the power when it comes to animal testing. You are always a welcome customer at our writing company! You have decided that you will order a custom thesis paper. This simple fact clearly demostrates the fact that animal testing is not working so why are theses types of experiments still being allowed to continue? Animal welfare act allows animals to be burned, shocked, poisoned, isolated, starved, forcibly restrained, addicted to drugs, and brain-damaged. Stem-cell research is of great importance for our society and there should be no ethical obstacles on its way to saving peoples lives. Moreover, writing is a troublesome and overwhelming process that may take a couple of days. Does medical research count psychological and other bogus research projects such as testing how much radiation a monkey can take or using substances we know are harmful on animals? So much of what we use animal testing can be tested otherwise or worked around by using different ingredients.

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