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Francophone Vietnamese Literature refers to a body of literature written in French by writers of Vietnamese origin. What is "French" and what is "Vietnamese" are questions debated among readers as well as authors, a struggle with ambiguity which itself characterizes the field of study.

Social Background: Vietnamese Francophony

There have been French speakers, both from abroad and native-born, in what are now the national boundaries of Viet Nam at least since the seventeenth century. They included other Asians and Westerners as well as French and Vietnamese, and formed networks both of Christian communicants as well as traders that ranged beyond both France and Viet Nam.

The French language was institutionalized in Viet Nam with formal French colonization in the late nineteenth century. The use of French was spread through religious and educational institutions, and accompanied the rapid growth of the Vietnamese national script, or quốc ngữ. French and Vietnamese also became the official languages on all government correspondence and documents; official use of Chinese was virtually made obsolete with the suppression of the civil service examinations in 1915 and 1918.

Because the French believed in assimilation and the "mission civilisatrice," they established a Franco-Vietnamese school system in which they educated a Vietnamese elite in French culture, history, and language. The graduating students would usually go on to become low-level civil servants and administrators in the colonial government. These schools played an important role in creating and fostering bilingualism in Vietnam, and by 1936, it was estimated that one out of ten Vietnamese was bilingual in French and Vietnamese.

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