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Phạm Duy Khiêm (1908-1974) was a fiction writer bron in Viet Nam to Vietnamese parents, educated and writing in French.
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The son of Phạm Duy Tốn, he was born in Saigon, studied in France after high school, joined the French Army, returned to Vietnam to teach and serve in the Ngô Đình Diệm goverment, was assigned ambassador to France for 1956-57, after which he settled in France for good.

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  • Việt Nam Văn Phạm--Grammaire Annamite, a grammar book, co-written with Trần Trọng Kim and Bùi Kỷ (1941)
  • Back Street, a long essay (1940)
  • De Hanoi à la Courtine, memoir (1941, reissued in 1958 as La Place d'un Homme, Paris: Librairie Plon)
  • De Courtine à Vichy, memoir (finished 1942)
  • Mélanges, a collection of newspaper articles (Hanoi: Taupin, 1942)
  • Légendes des Terres Sereines, classic Vietnamese tales retold, (Paris: Mercure de France, 1942), winner of the Prix Littéraire D'Indochine
  • Legends from Serene Lands: Classical Vietnamese Stories by Pham Duy Khiem, translated from the French by Harry Aveling (Prestige, New Delhi, nd, ca 2009)
  • La Jeunes Femme de Nam Xuong, novel (1944)
  • Nam et Sylvie, novel written under the pen name Nam Kim (Paris: Libairie Plon, 1957), winner of the Louis Barthou award from the French Academy
  • La Mère, a book about his mother (unpublished)


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