War and Exile: A Vietnamese Anthology

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War and Exile (1989) is an anthology of modern Vietnamese fiction, poetry, and essays translated into English, edited by Nguyễn Ngọc Bích.

Published in 1989 by Vietnamese PEN Abroad, East Coast U.S.A., War and Exile features Vietnamese writers on the experience of war and exile.

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Table of Contents

Preface and Introduction by Nguyen Ngoc Bich
"The Stranded Fish" by Doãn Quốc Sỹ
"Woodfire" by Bình Nguyên Lộc
"A Day to Dispose Of" by Võ Phiến
"The Crimson-Bordered Straw Mat" by Doãn Quốc Sỹ
"The Day the Milk-Breast Tree Was Cut Down" by Dương Nghiễm Mậu
"The Bullet" by Thảo Trương
"A Story for Lovers" by Nhã Ca
"Love in a Shadowy World" by Thế Giang
"The Khaki Coat" by Nhật Tiến
"Pieces of the Autumn Moon" by Nhật Tiến
POETRY [Divided into three sections]
I. Vietnamese War Poetry, with poems by Từ Kế Tường, Thái Luận, Phạm Nhã Uyên, Lê Thanh Xuân, Đặng Thiêm, Minh Dũng, Triệu Vũ, Du Tử Lê, and Trụ Vũ
II. Communism and Vietnamese Poetry, featuring poems by Nguyễn Chí Thiện
III. Exile in Vietnamese Poetry, with poems by Trần Kha, Hà Thúc Sinh, Cao Tần, Du Tử Lê, Vũ Kiến, Vĩnh Liêm, Phan Tấn Hải, and Trường Anh Thúy
III. Essays, featuring three essays by Võ Phiến, "Wrapping Clouds and Blocking Snow," "A Dream of Mars," and "A Freedom Wall?"
The anthology also features art insets by Võ Đình and musical insets by Phạm Duy