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The principal costs of Wikivietlit are those of maintaining the Viet Nam Literature Project: our events, print newsletter, and website. We are managing on about $15,000/year with volunteer labor.

In time we plan to pay salaries and benefits to the office manager, the newsletter editor, outreach coordinator and the direct mail clerk, and proper fees to free-lancers. VNLP costs will so advance toward $100,000/year.

Specific to Wikivietlit, there are honoraria to the wikimaster, the editor and fellows who take on a special burden of writing for the wiki each quarter. We are doing this in a dignified way at about $3,000/year.

We plan to increase the dignity of the honoraria. Specific Wikivietlit costs will advance toward $10,000/year.


Costs are met principally by the annual commitments of VNLP's individual donors, about 40 since launch in 2005.

To join us, please send a check in any amount to Viet Nam Literature Project, 5600 Buck Quarter Road, Hillsborough, NC 27278. You will receive our annual gift book, our quarterly print newsletter and invitations to our events with our thanks.


Wikivietlit has enjoyed a partial post-doctoral fellowship of $5,000 from the Rockefeller Foundation awarded to VNLP editor Dan Duffy by the William Joiner Center for the Study of War and Social Consequences at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, in their program "Culture, Art, Trauma, Survival, Development: Vietnamese Contexts."

Director Kevin Bowen and program officer Chung Nguyen agreed to pay the fellowship directly to VNLP for the purposes of Wikivietlit. They had already shown flexibility and judgement in administering partial fellowships to accomodate the many scholars of Vietnamese literature who are not university researchers and cannot relocate to Boston for a semester or a year.

Wikivietlit draws on work done on a Chateaubriand fellowship from the Embassy of France in the United States for research leading to a doctorate at the University of North Carolina. Professor Michel Fournie hosted the VNLP editor at the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales.

VNLP expresses appreciation to France, to Langues O', to North Carolina, to the Rockfeller Foundation, and to the William Joiner Center.

None of these funders undertake continuing sponsorship of VNLP and Wikivietlit.