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Xuân Diệu, full name Ngô Xuân Diệu (1916-1985), was a poet, fiction writer and critic.
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He was born in Bình Định, northern Vietnam, grew up in Qui Nhơn, central Vietnam, worked briefly in Mỹ Tho in the Mekong Delta, then spent most of his adult life in Hanoi, where he died. In his 20's, he became a leader of the Thơ Mới [New Poetry] movement, and a member of Tự Lực Văn Đoàn [Self-Reliance Literary Group], founded by Nhất Linh. His first book of poems, Thơ thơ (1938), and collection of stories, Phấn thông vàng (1939), quickly established his reputation. In 1943, he graduated from law school. In 1946, he joined the Việt Minh in their fight against the French. In 1949, he became a member of the Communist Party. That same year, he published Dưới sao vàng [Under the Yellow Star], a collection of poems praising the Party, one of several to come. He would go on to become a powerful member of the Writers Union, using his position to attack those who had veered away from Communist orthodoxy. In the end, he is best known for his love poems. Although briefly married LINK NOT FOUND AUGUST 2009, he was a homosexual, a fact still unknown to most of his admirers, although revealed in poems such as "Tình trai" LINK NOT IMMEDIATE AUGUST 2009 ["Love of Men"], about the love affair between French poets Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine, "Tặng bạn bây giờ" LINK NOT IMMEDIATE AUGUST 2009 ["To You Now"], "Đời anh em đã đi qua" LINK NOT IMMEDIATE AUGUST 2009 ["You've Passed Through My Life"] and "Em đi" ["You Leaving"], the last two addressed to poet Hoàng Cát, his live-in lover. Well-known poet Huy Cận, another of his presumed lovers, also wrote "Ngủ Chung"LINK NOT FOUND AUGUST 2009 ["Sleeping Together"]. In his 1993 memoirs, Tô Hoài confirmed that Xuân Diệu was reprimanded by the Việt Minh for climbing into other men's beds, uninvited.

His work is part of the high school curriculum in Vietnam, and there's a street in Hanoi named after him. In 1995, ten years after his death, the magazine Văn Học dedicated an issue to him. In 1996, he was awarded a Ho Chi Minh Prize for Arts and Literature.

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  • Thơ thơ, 1938, reissued many times
  • Gửi hương cho gió, 1945, reissued 1967
  • Ngọn Quốc kỳ, 1945, reissued 1961
  • Hội nghị non sông, 1946
  • Dưới sao vàng, 1949
  • Sáng, 1953
  • Mẹ con, 1954
  • Ngôi sao, 1954
  • Riêng chung, 1960
  • Mũi Cà Mau - Cầm tay, 1962
  • Một khối hồng, 1964
  • Hai đợt sóng, 1967
  • Tôi giầu đôi mắt, 1970
  • Hồn tôi đôi cánh, 1976
  • Thanh ca, 1982
  • Một chùm thơ (Paris, 1983)
  • Tuyển tập Xuân Diệu, first volume, 1982
  • Tuyển tập Xuân Diệu, second volume, 1985
  • Thơ tình Xuân Diệu, 1988, edited by Vũ Quần Phương and Hữu Nhuận
  • Thơ tình Xuân Diệu, edited by Hà Minh Đức (Hanoi: NXB Đại học và giáo dục chuyên nghiệp, 1992)
  • Thơ tình Xuân Diệu, edited by Ngô Văn Phú (Hanoi: NXB Hội Nhà văn, 1992)


  • Phấn thông vàng, 1939, reissued 1967
  • Trường ca, 1945, reissued 1957
  • Miền Nam nước Việt, 1945
  • Việt Nam nghìn dặm, 1946
  • Việt Nam trở dạ, 1948
  • Ký sự thăm nước Hung, 1956
  • Triều lên, 1958

critical writing, translations, etc.

  • Thanh niên với quốc văn, 1945
  • Ký sự thăm nước Hung, 1956, about his trip to Hungary
  • Những bước đường tư tưởng của tôi, 1958
  • Phê bình giới thiệu thơ, 1959
  • Hồ Xuân Hương bà chúa thơ Nôm, 1961, on Hồ Xuân Hương
  • Trò chuyện với các bạn làm thơ tre, 1961
  • Thi hào Nadim Hit-mét, 1962, a collection of Nazim Hikmet in translation
  • Dao có mài mới sắc, 1963
  • Thi hào dân tộc Nguyễn Du, 1966, on Nguyễn Du
  • Hai đợt sóng, 1967, translations of Lenin and Mayakovski
  • Thơ Trần Tế Xương, 1970, on poet Trần Tế Xương
  • Đọc thơ Nguyễn Khuyến, 1970, on poet Nguyễn Khuyến
  • Và cây đời mãi mãi xanh tươi, 1971
  • Việt Nam hồn tôi, 1974, essays
  • Lượng thông tin và những kỹ sư tâm hồn ấy, 1978, an anthology of Bulgarian poetry
  • Các nhà thơ cổ điển Việt Nam, 2 volumes, 1981
  • Thơ Nicôlai Ghiden, 1982
  • Những nhà thơ Bungari, 1985, about Bulgarian poets

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