Viet Nam Literature Project has moved to the servers of ibiblio at the University of North Carolina. Paul Jones of the School of Information & Library Science and the School of Journalism & Mass Communications founded ibiblio as “the public’s library and digital archive.”

ibiblio asks any project that wishes to join their commons, what your project will be?

Viet Nam Literature Project makes the Web smarter about Viet Nam. Contributions to knowledge include more than 150 reference articles and half a dozen chapbook-length contextual presentations of specific authors at Wikivietlit. See “Nguyen Chi Thien” for an example of a chapbook. At the home page, 11 original comics and about 25 posts introduce authors, topics and works.

ibiblio asks, do the materials further the teaching, research, or public service mission of The University of North Carolina?

Faculty at every campus throughout the University of North Carolina system touch on modern Viet Nam. However, UNC researchers and teachers on the country or the war or the immigrants are dispersed throughout the system. For this reason, Viet Nam Literature Project calculates that no single UNC scholar will be held responsible by citizens for ibiblio hosting VNLP. Such issues must be borne in mind because Viet Nam remains a minefield for public opinion in the United States. Moreover, UNC’s long-standing principled resistance to interference with the free exchange of ideas weighs in favor of placing VNLP at ibiblio rather than at another university with a single program related to Viet Nam which will attract pressure from immigrant or veteran groups or the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam.

ibiblio asks, does the collection use technology in innovative and unique ways? Every collection need not be innovative, but it should use up-to-date technology.

Viet Nam Literature Project uses WordPress and Wikimedia. VNLP webmaster Philip Arthur Moore, who serves as lead organizer of the WordPress Ha Noi community, keeps the version of that platform current. VNLP will update Wikimedia when returning to regular publication on the VNLP wiki, Wikivietlit.

ibiblio asks, does the collection add value to other ibiblio collections? Does it complement or contradict other collections?

The emergence of modern Viet Nam provides concrete examples of every issue raised in the earth sciences, humanities, public health and social sciences in the twentieth century. Viet Nam Literature Project relates directly to the following ibiblio collections, to pick nine only from one category only, “Social Sciences”: Korean War CIA Freedom of Information Act Release; United States Army and World War II; Get Involved in the Struggle to Free Burma!; Cultural Heritage of China; Southern Oral History Project; Third World Forum; Chinese Community Information Center; Online Burma/Myanmar Library; National Consortium for Teaching About Asia.

ibiblio asks, are the materials of state, national, or international interest?

North Carolina has played a role in Viet Nam since Baptist missions in the 1930s and the development of special warfare at Fort Bragg during World War II. Viet Nam was a focus of national policy 1950-1975. North Carolina has been a destination of primary migration from Viet Nam since 1975. The state has become a destination of secondary migration within the United States. The Socialist Republic of Viet Nam is a regional power in the international order. Viet Nam Literature Project regularly attracts readers across the United States, Europe and East Asia.

ibiblio asks, is all the material copyright clear and otherwise legal? Exceptions for “fair use” may apply.

Viet Nam Literature Project has published by permission or in fair use. However, copyright jurisdiction and the identity of copyright holders are often unclear due to conquest, revolt, war and exile. Establishing bright lines and safe harbors for intellectual property in this situation is a VNLP priority which will in itself serve the authors and readers of our topic.

ibiblio asks, can and will the keepers of the collection operate in a self-sufficient manner or provide requisite support funding?

Viet Nam Literature Project has operated since 1997 to continue the work of Viet Nam Generation, Inc. (1985-1994, now archived at La Salle University and the University of Virginia) and Viet Nam Forum (1994-1996, now archived at Yale University). VNLP founder Dan Duffy raised funds for all three projects, drawing on a total donor base of about 500 of whom about 25 have provided more than half the funding.

ibiblio approved the application. You are now reading from servers at the University of North Carolina.

No department or school of the University of North Carolina funds or provides review of Viet Nam Literature Project activity or content. VNLP has placed its content at UNC to join its tradition of academic freedom.

300px-Nc_speaker_banFree speech at Chapel Hill reached maturity in the Cold War which brought the United States to Viet Nam, and Vietnamese to the United States.IMG_6394

Academic freedom here had already mounted through secession, defeat, reconstruction, redemption, Jim Crow and the freedom movement.

The board of directors and longstanding supporters matched a challenge gift from Daniel and Helen Egger to migrate Viet Nam Literature Project to ibiblio and resume regular publication to make the Web smarter about Viet Nam.

The Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America and the Secretary of State of North Carolina recognize Books & Authors: Viet Nam, Inc. as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Books & Authors: Viet Nam, Inc. does business as Viet Nam Literature Project.

Send a check to VNLP, 108 East Hammond Street, Durham, NC 27704 or click here.

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