Philip Arthur Moore migrates VNLP to We Cobble

VNLP webmaster and Advisory Committee member Philip Arthur Moore has migrated Viet Nam Literature Project to servers of We Cobble, L.L.C. for better maintenance of our WordPress-based blog and wiki.

In his own life Philip has moved on from globetrotting Texan coder to businessman and son-in-law in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam. He and his wife have moved on together from busy, crowded Ha Noi to Son La up the hills to the west.

In May of this year, 2017, Philip wrote:

One of the things that you learn in the countryside is that at any moment, with no notice, the electricity may go out from morning until sunset.

There is no warning. There is no heads up. It just happens and we adapt to it because it’s the new normal for us. I used to hate when this happened, and while I cannot pretend that I enjoy it at all, I’m a lot more comfortable with the fact that it happens now. It’s not something that I can control. It is out of my hands.

Life has been a lot like that lately. I wake up, I care for my wife, feed my cat, bond with my mother-in-law, and I work as hard as I possibly can to provide for my family as both a husband and a son-in-law.

I don’t have much time to pontificate and I don’t have any time for negativity. I only have time to either make stuff or take care of others, including the farm animals next door. I only have time to run my business and take care of my staff or to rest. I have no time for shallow thought. I have no time for idle hands. And it feels good.

Copyright Philip Arthur Moore 2017 all rights reserved. Excerpted by permission of the author.

Philip Arthur Moore began study of Vietnamese language at Rice University in 2003.  He has served as webmaster at Viet Nam Literature Project since 2007 and joined our Advisory Committee in 2015. For the author’s full blog click here

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