Do You Know Jim Smith?

Click to larger image of Saigon 1974 photo at the website Finding Jim Smith.

Jim Smith put Kim Phuong and brother Lam with three cousins on a flight out of Saigon as the Republic of Viet Nam fell.   Their mother Phan Thi Nuoi didn’t make the plane.

Jim visited twice as they grew in Florida.   The children would like to learn more about him.

1972 photo supplied by Krista Page of Texas, grand-daughter of James Thomas Smith, Jr.

Was he James Thomas Smith,  Jr.? That Jim Smith retired as lieutenant colonel from the Army then served from 1965 as United States Agency for International Development province representative around Nha Trang.

An adoption form lists James Lee Smith of Odessa, Florida who worked for “PAE, Inc.”, perhaps Pacific Architects and Engineers.  Kim’s adoptive father says Jim spoke of rebuilding ships for the Saigon navy.

Was he the Jim Smith of Southeast Asia Computer Associates from Honolulu with offices in Hong Kong and Saigon?

Phan Thi Nuoi remains sent from Malaysia to the United States.

Kim manages Community Affairs & Grassroots for Southwest Airlines. She married Peter Delevett, now a reporter at the San Jose Mercury News.

Early on they found her mother’s family in Viet Nam. They visit as often as they can.

With the family at Soc Trang, 2003.  Pete stands in blue at back and Kim sits at right.

Kim and Pete and everyone else would like to be in touch with Jim’s people. If you have further information on Jim Smith or an adviser or contractor like him please let Kim and Pete know.

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