Cau Noi - The Bridge

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Cầu Nối - The Bridge is an anthology of Vietnamese-Australian Writing, edited by Hoàng Ngọc-Tuấn.

Published in 2004, Cầu Nối - The Bridge features works from Vietnamese-Australian writers predominantly from the 1.5 generation, those who were born in Vietnam but grew up in Australia. The anthology includes a generous Editor's Introduction by Hoàng Ngọc-Tuấn and features the following writers and their writing:

  • "Poetry as a Means of Demystification and Purification", both in English and in Vietnamese, by Tranh Hoang Nguyen
  • "Home Home" by David Phu An Chiem
  • "The Water Buffalo" by Huong Thao Nguyen
  • "The Well" by Matilda (Hang) Tran
  • "Rice Hop: The Album" by Khoa Do
  • "Deeper Than Skin" by Anh Khoa Tran
  • "Ginseng Tea and a Pair of Thongs" by Hai Ha Le
  • "The Lover of Fish Sauce" by Chi Vu
  • "Fragments of Being" by Hai-Van Nguyen
  • "3 Generations. One Connection" by Michelle Chuong

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