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Thanh Nhung is a poet. Her family named her Cong Huyen Ton Nu Nha Trang, under which she has published the novel The Moon of Hoa Binh (Foundation Autopoy, 1994) with her husband William L. Pensinger, known as Larry, and the essays Fragments from Memory, as well as abundant scholarship.
Thanh Nhung in Pho Tong, 1958

Born to two poets, in a family of royal descent, she began publishing as a girl in the 1950s in the journal Pho Thong and continued in association with the movement Bach Nga led by editor Nguyen Vy. She has continued at moments through education overseas in Japan and the United States, work in the war and in dissent in Viet Nam, and in peripatetic diaspora since reunification. She is a poet both in the modern sense of an individual publishing in magazines and in the classic sense of a scholar official involved with both literate and oral traditions. Her mother suggested the pen name, combining the names of two friends.

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