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The Institute of Vietnamese Studies, at <>, is a scholarly website.
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The Institute of Vietnamese Studies is a private, non-profit interdisciplinary research institution. The Institute is established to exchange information on, and to promote public awareness of Vietnamese culture, history and literature among historians, scholars, students and the public. The Institute of Vietnamese Studies offers high quality education programs, as well as correspondence courses. Besides these programs and courses, which respond to learners' needs, the Institute also sponsors many projects related to Vietnamese studies.

The Institute's activities currently include:

-Vietnamese courses conducted by the Institute's faculty members.
-A public web-site where users can exchange news, information, publications, and discussions about Vietnam or Vietnamese culture, language, history, geography, and literature.
-Conferences, seminars, and lectures conducted by the Institute's faculty members and distinguished guest speakers.
-A research library which collects books, magazines, videos and manuscripts relating to the earliest period of Vietnam's history. The collection covers the establishment of the country, the Chinese and French colonial periods, the Vietnam war and life of the Vietnamese refugees.