Executive Summary

Dan Duffy


Viet Nam Literature Project (VNLP) will make a vast body of literature and research of widespread interest universally accessible in English by curation on the web.


VNLP blogs to draw attention to its wiki on Vietnamese literature, Vietnamese studies, and the world literature – imaginative, medical, area studies – of the wars for Viet Nam.

Next steps

1.  VNLP will migrate the project to a university.

2.  VNLP will launch a laboratory seminar where undergraduates will prepare reference and teaching materials.

3.  Writers and researchers worldwide will join the undergraduates in a teleconference series.

4.  VNLP will publish electronic books.

5.  VNLP will fund graduate assistants and post-doctoral fellows to innovate its holdings while developing their own projects in curation of specialty scholarship to a worldwide audience through new media.

See our case statement for details.

By Dan Duffy for the Viet Nam Literature Project

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