Final Lucy Nguyen Comic!

Dragon Child Returns

Jason Rainey has finished his series of comics about the life and work of Lucy Nguyen Hong Nhiem. “Dragon Child Returns” tells of her first visit back to Viet Nam.

Lucy provided Jason with photos and spoke to us about her trip. He shows Lucy’s visit to her brother, a priest who has returned to work with a national minority.

Lucy Nguyen-Hong-Nhiem
Dragon Child

Jason worked from Lucy’s memoir, Dragon Child, for the previous three strips. The first one gives overview of childhood in Viet Nam, emigration, and teaching in Massachusetts.

Lucy began teaching at 14 to pay tuition after Communists destroyed her father’s farm. After emigration in 1975 she played an essential role in educating young immigrants to high standards for their own ambitions.

Lucy Nguyen's Parents
Lessons from the Garden

The second, “Lessons from the Garden” is about Lucy’s parents. It retells an old story Lucy heard from her mother and an example her father set.

The old story is about twin brothers in love with one woman. Her father’s example was to bang his head on a wall.

Lucy Nguyen — An Unexpected Clash
An Unexpected Clash

“An Unexpected Clash” shows Lucy’s work with novelist Pham Van Ky. His themes make an eloquent commentary on Lucy’s life.

Pham Van Ky wrote of the individual and the collective, contrasting France and Viet Nam. Lucy’s own life is a parable about gaining individual power to serve others.

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  1. I have loved the Lucy Nguyen series in archived VNLP Newsletters. What a nice circle Dragon Child Returns makes!

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