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Duong Nhu Nguyen (1959) is a fiction writer, who also publishes in English as Uyen Nicole Duong, who teaches and writes about law in the United States as Wendy Duong.

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Works by Duong Nhu Nguyen

  • Mui huong que (Short story collection. Van Nghe, 1999)
  • Chin Chu cua Nang (Stories, essays, and a play. Van Moi 2005)
  • Con gai cua song Huong (Novel, Daughters of the River Huong, translated into Vietnamese by Linh Chan Brown. 2005)
  • Tinh yeu, Doi song, va Luu Day (Poems, bilingual. PEN Asia publication delayed)
  • Buu thiep tu Nam (Novel. Publication delayed)