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Nguyễn Minh Châu (1930-1989) was a fiction writer and essayist.

He was born in Nghệ An and died in Hanoi. Along with the critic Hoàng Ngọc Hiến, he was the earliest champion of Đổi Mới literature, with "Viết về chiến tranh" ["Writing about War"], a 1978 essay, exerting great influence among writers. He also lead by the examples of his fiction, which reintroduced normal people in everyday situations. A colonel in the North Vietnamese Army, he died in 1989 from liver cancer contracted from war-time exposure to chemical defoliants. His books include Cửa sông, a novel (1966), Những vùng trời khác nhau, short stories (1970), Dấu chân người lính, a novel (1972), Miền cháy, a novel (1977), Lửa từ những ngôi nhà, a novel (1977), Những người đi từ trong rừng ra, a novel (1982), Người đàn bà trên chuyến tàu tốc hành, short stories (1983), Bến quê, short stories (1985), Mảnh dất tình yêu, a novel (1987) and Cỏ lau, a novella (1989). The story "Bến quê" was translated by Linh Dinh into English as "The Ferry Stop in the Country" and published in Night, Again.

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