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Nguyễn Trọng Quản (1865-1911) was a fiction writer.

He was born in Bà Rịa. His 28-page Truyện thầy Lazarô Phiền (Saigon: J. Linage, 1887), about a Catholic priest, was the first relatively long work of fiction published by a Vietnamese. Hồ Biểu Chánh credited it as one of three novels that made him want to become a writer. The other two are Hoàng Tố Anh hàm oan (1910) by Trần Chánh Chiếu, and Phan Yên ngoại sử (1910) by Trương Duy Toản, best known as the father of the theatrical genre, cải lương.

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