David A. Willson joins Advisory Committee

David A. Willson

David A. Willson has shaped VNLP holdings and plans for coverage of American authors touched by Viet Nam.   See his own poems and his bibliography of others’ work.

David’s understanding of the achievement of individual authors and the accumulation of popular culture is unsurpassed.  He joins a distinguished panel:

Linh Dinh holding poet Hoa Nguyen

Linh Dinh is a poet. Widely published in both Vietnamese and English, he as well translates Vietnamese fiction and poetry into English and Italian and teaches at universities around the United States and Europe.

Linh wrote the core of Wikivetlit, our online encyclopedia.  His translations from poet Nguyen Quoc Chanh are among our most-taught holdings.

Lucien Ellington and

Lucien Ellington is founder of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) teaching journal Education About Asia and editor of the AAS pedagogical series Key Issues in Asian Studies. A former high school teacher, he is UC Professor of Education at the University of Tennessee, Chatanooga and Senior Fellow at the Wachman Center of the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

his Education About Asia

Lucien serves as state coordinator for the National Consortium for Teaching About Asia and has led hundreds of courses, institutes and tours for those teaching about China, Korea, and especially Japan.

C. David Thomas holding artist Le Huy Tiep

C. David Thomas founded the Indochina Arts Partnership, bringing hundreds of artists and artworks back and forth between Viet Nam and the United States since 1988.   David has been decorated by the Vietnamese government,  a signal honor for the depth of his work.



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