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Hoàng Xuân Hãn (1908-1996) was a great scholar.
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Born in Hà Tĩnh, northern Vietnam, he arrived in Paris in 1929 to study at the Sorbonne where he earned a Ph.D in Mathematical Science as well as a B.S. in Civil Engineering and a B.S. in Science. Returning to Vietnam in 1936, he turned down the post of Director of the Department of Public Works in the colonial administration, choosing instead to teach at Bưởi High School, Công Minh University, the University of Agriculture and Hanoi University. With Tạ Quang Bửu and Nguyễn Xiến he founded the magazine ''Bách Khoa'' and started to write scholarly books. In 1945, he worked with the Trần Trọng Kim government and established the first high school curriculum in the Vietnamese language, replacing French. Also that year, he became head of the Society for the Dissemination of the National Language (Hội Truyền Bá Quốc Ngữ), and devised a new method for learning Vietnamese. He joined the Viet Minh in their struggles against the French and represented the Socialist Republic of Vietnam’s delegation at the Vietnam-France Conference in Đà Lạt in April of 1946. In 1951 he left Vietnam for good, settling in Paris, where he continued his education, earning a B.S. in nuclear engineering. During 1951-1954, he helped France's National Library and the Vatican's library expand their collections of Vietnamese books. He died in 1996 at Paris' Orsay Hospital.


  • Danh từ Khoa học
  • Lý Thường Kiệt
  • Một vài ký vãng về Hội nghị Đà Lạt
  • Thiên Tình Sử, a study of Hồ Xuân Hương
  • Thi văn Việt Nam, on Vietnamese poetry
  • La Sơn Phu Tử
  • Chinh Phụ Ngâm Bị Khảo
  • Nghiên cứu Kiều, on Nguyễn Du's masterpiece
  • Đại Nam Quốc sử Diễn Ca, on Lê Ngô Cát
  • Mai Đình Mộng ký, on Nguyễn Huy Hổ
  • Văn tế Thập loại Chúng sinh, on Nguyễn Du
  • Lịch và lịch Việt Nam, on the use of different calendars in the history of Vietnam

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