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Jonathan Hill is the pen name of Jonathan David Hanh Vu Hill, a cartoonist in Portland, Oregon.
Jonathan Hill, 2009, courtesy of the artist

He has been staff illustrator for Portland's Asian Reporter since 2007, often free-lancing to Willamette Week since January of this year, 2009. The 2003 valedictorian of the Savannah College of Art & Design, with a degree in Sequential Art, he has freelanced as an illustrator and cartoonist for Hollywood Entertainment, Hyphen Magazine, mun2, Portland Mercury, Psilo Design, Seattle Metropolitan, Tugboat Press, and Viet Nam Literature Project. He has published original work with Fantagraphics, Image Comics, and Three Rivers. His work with MK Reed on "Americus" in the anthology Papercutter was nominated for an Ignatz Award for best story and will be published by First Second Books in 2012.

His mother is the historian Kimloan Thu Vi Hill.

Dan Duffy started this entry with review by Jonathan Hill.

Jonathan Hill in print

  • Americus, with MK Reed (First Second Books, under contract for 2012)
  • "I Miss Talking To You In Biology", in I Saw You..., edited by Julia Wertz (Three Rivers Press 2009)
  • "Untitled", in The Bridge Project, edited by Matt Leunig (Scraped Knee 2009)
  • "Jiang Shi", in BEASTS! Book 2, edited by Jacob Covey (Fantagraphics Books 2009)
  • "Americus", with MK Reed in Paper Cutter #7, edited by Greg Means and Galen Longstreth (Tugboat Press, 2008)
  • "Sucky, Sucky", in Popgun Volume 2 edited by Mark Smith (Image Comics 2008)
  • "The Johns Teach Tommy Tomkins How To Be a Man", in Stalagmite # 2, edited by Craig McKenney (Headless Shakespeare Press 2004)

Jonathan Hill online




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