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Mai Kim Ngọc (1937), real name Vũ Đình Minh, is a fiction writer, essayist and translator.
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He was born in Hue, came to the US in 1966, and now lives in California. A physician specializing in pulmonary diseases, he had published numerous articles in English in medical journals under his real name, Vu Dinh Minh. He co-edits the influential journal Văn Học, and has translated Lu Xun and Kawabata from French and English versions, André Gide from the French originals, Pablo Neruda from the Spanish originals, Raymond Carver, Octavia Butler, J.M. Coetzee and Harold Pinter from the English originals. His story "Trong phòng hồi sinh", translated into English by Nguyễn Quí Đức as "In the Recovery Room", is included in Night, Again.

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Short Story Collections

  • Một chút riêng tư
  • Thuyền nhân
  • Bạn văn
  • Muôn kiếp cô liêu
  • Nụ tầm xuân
  • Trong phòng hồi sinh
  • Nước mắt chảy xuôi

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