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Nguyễn Hưng Quốc (1957) is a scholar, critic and editor.
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He was born in Quảng Nam, escaped by boat from Vietnam in 1985, emigrated first to France and then Australia in 1991. He graduated first in his class with a bachelor’s degree in literature from the Pedagogical University of Ho Chi Minh City, and later earned a doctorate, also in literature, from Victoria University in Australia. In Vietnam, he was an instructor in classical Vietnamese literature. At Victoria University, he is coordinator of the Vietnam Studies program, teaching language, literature, culture and the Vietnam War.

Nguyễn Hưng Quốc has published in most overseas Vietnamese literary journals, including Văn, Văn Học, Hợp Lưu and Talawas. With Hoàng Ngọc-Tuấn, he was the co-editor of Việt, an important journal that existed from 1998 to 2001, and since 2002, co-editor of the groundbreaking webzine Tiền Vệ, the only Vietnamese literary journal that updates its contents daily. He is considered by many writers and poets, in and out of Vietnam, as one of the most outstanding, reputable and influential Vietnamese critics alive.

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  • Tìm hiểu nghệ thuật thơ Việt Nam [A Study of Vietnamese Poetry] (1988)
  • Nghĩ về thơ [Thinking about Poetry] (1989)
  • Văn học Việt Nam dưới chế độ cộng sản [Vietnamese Literature under Communism] (1991 & 1996)
  • Võ Phiến (1996)
  • Thơ, v.v… và v.v…[Poetry, etc… and etc…] (1996)
  • Văn học Việt Nam từ điểm nhìn h(ậu h)iện đại [Vietnamese Literature from a (Post)Modern Perspective] (2000)
  • Văn hoá văn chương Việt Nam [Vietnamese Literary Culture] (2002)
  • Sống với chữ [Living with Words] (2004)
  • Thơ Con Cóc và những vấn đề khác [Doggerels and other Issues] (2006)
  • Mấy vấn đề phê bình và lý thuyết văn học [Criticism and Literary Theories] (2007)

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