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Bùi Chát (1979), real name Bùi Quang Viên, is a poet‎.

He was born in in Biên Hoà and lives in Saigon. A member of the Mở Miệng [Open Mouth] group, he has been published on webzines and in group samizdats such as “Six-Sided Circle” (2002) and “Open Mouth” (2002), and in his own samizdats, Xáo chộn chong ngày [Deesturbances Tooday] (2003), Cái lồn bỏ đi [Tossed Away Cunt] (2004) and Tháng tư gãy súng [Broken Gun in April] (2005). In 2004, he and Lý Đợi were jailed for two days for passing out flyers at the site of a poetry reading cancelled by the police. In 2011, Bui Chat was awarded the International Publishers Association’s Freedom to Publish Prize “for his exemplary courage in upholding freedom to publish.” Bùi Chát has been translated into English by Linh Dinh and published in Rock Heals.

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Bùi Chát online

Cover of the samizdat tháng tư gãy súng [broken gun in April], 2005