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Lý Đợi (1978) is a poet and essayist.
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He was born in Quảng Nam and now lives in Saigon. A member of the Mở Miệng [Open Mouth] group, he has been published widely on webzines and in group samizdats such as Vòng tròn sáu mặt [Six-sided Circle] (2002) and Mở Miệng [Open Mouth] (2002), and in his own samizdats, Bảy biến tấu con nhện [Seven Spider Improvisations] (2004) and Trường chay thịt chó [Dogmeat Vegetarianism] (2005). A drifter, he makes his living performing odd jobs on the sidewalks. In 2004, Lý Đợi and poet Bùi Chát were jailed for two days for passing out flyers at the site of a poetry reading cancelled by the police. Lý Đợi has been translated into English by Linh Dinh and published in Soft Targets.

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Lý Đợi online

Cover of samizdat trường chay thịt chó [dogmeat vegetarianism], 2005, drawing by Linh Dinh