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Viet Nam War Generation Journal (2001-2003) published research, criticism, fiction and poetry on the Viet Nam war. Its contents are distinguished by the populist and progressive interests of founders Bruce Solheim and David A. Willson. The journal appeared for the two volume years dated from April 2001 through April 2003, with a total of seven issues including one final double issue. Named "One of the the Ten Best New Magazines of 2001" by Library Journal, it withdrew after a drop in subscriptions.
Cover of Viet Nam War Generation Journal, Volume 1, Number 1

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Articles directly on Vietnamese literature

Lan Cao discussed by Janis Haswell in one of eight articles on Robert Olen Butler. Volume 2, numbers 3 and 4 (April, 2003)

"Nguyen Minh Chau and Recent Developments in the Vietnamese Short Story" by John C. Schafer. Volume 2, number 1 (August, 2002)

Bao Ninh interviewed by Marc Levy. Volume 1, number 3 (December, 2001)

Andrew X. Pham's Catfish and Mandala reviewed by Renny Christopher. Volume 1, number 3 (December, 2001)

Novels by Duong Thu Huong and Le Minh Khue reviewed by William J. Searle in "The Spectre of Land Reform in Recent Vietnamese Fiction". Volume 1, Number 2 (August, 2001)

Dana Sachs' The House on Dream Street: Memoir of an American Woman in Vietnam reviewed by Janis E. Haswell. Volume 1, number 1 (April 2001)

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